The Most Successful Musician in the World: How I Did It!


In a brilliant, interactive one-man Beatlemania-esque workshop, Bob Halligan Jr portrays Paul McCartney from his career as a FAB through to the present day. Paul has a conversation with the audience about what makes great art, and how great art, perseverance and a bit of luck can make dreams come true. Using songs to entertain and illustrate points, PaulTheBeatle also tells about the personal and business chemistry that he feels led to the Beatles’ unparalleled success, and the combination of people and circumstances that allowed him to continue in that vein as a solo artist. And he even takes requests! The audience participates, and the songs and the man remind us that FAB was a much imitated style and business model that had unprecedented, glorious results for very logical and MUSICAL reasons!

keyboard, Hofner bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Sullivan-era black suit, Lennon Shea Stadium look, Sgt Pepper, Abbey Road (changes done onstage while speaking)
Running time: 60 minutes
Ages: Middle school and older