“Bob Halligan is a great friend to me—he is also in an elite group of respected professionals in the music business who continue to evolve and grow. It is a pleasure to know him on a personal level, as well as an artist. He is an extremely gifted songwriter as well as a great singer.”

Michael Bolton

 “Bob Halligan Jr has performed on the Arts Jubilee summer concert series many times over the past 16 years. He has always provided the highest quality performance, including reaching out to the audience and inviting them into his ‘world’. His respect and real desire to connect with his listeners sets him apart. He respects the family-friendly environment of our concert series and is an energetic and charismatic performer from the first note!”

Cindy Russell. Executive Director of Arts Jubilee
N. Conway, NH

“This show is not just any Beatle Tribute show. Bob Halliigan Jr takes it to a different and compelling level that shines a light on the master-mind of Beatle Paul McCartney. The dialogue enhances the performance and Mr. Halligan’s.voice is magic. If you’re looking for something new and refreshing, this is the act for you!”

Jane Mathers Entertainment Director, First Night Haddonfield.

“Nashville Tennessee (Music City USA) is known all over the world for producing, developing, encouraging and being home to the most gifted writers, musicians and performers anywhere and in all styles of music. As Mayor of the City of Nashville for 8 years, I developed a deep appreciation for talent that was truly unique. The kind of talent and music that would inspire a collective unity, create memories, and be able to speak to audiences of all ages and diverse backgrounds – performances that would endure with everyone present remembering where and at what event they saw them. Bob Halligan, Jr. fits this profile perfectly. He knows how to draw and keep an audience coming back time after time, year after year. This is why he has endured for so long in this industry and why I am proud that so much of his life and inspiration was formed here in the city of Nashville.”

Bill Purcell
Mayor of Nashville

“Working with Bob is a great delight and never tedious. His outgoing personality and talents are ever present while performing. His positive interactions with audiences and setting up with my technical crews makes him my easiest musician to work with. Bob is an outstanding singer/song writer with an incredible spirit that has no bounds. He is always welcome to perform here at Marist.”

Robert Lynch
Marist College Director of Student Activities

“Bob Halligan Jr is a musical force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s vocal chops, writing, playing, sheer musicianship or the ability to connect with an audience, his high-energy celebration of music and life is not to be missed.”

Kathy Mattea